RT/Embedded Linux Development Experts

Trivium provides multidisciplinary Embedded Linux software development services to the Telecom, Automotive, Semiconductor and Cyber industries.

We are software development experts with vast experience in the following domains: RT/ Embedded linux systems, Networking, IoT, Mobile and Cloud.
Trivium provides Security audit service for embedded systems with Linux software components. Security audit and Hardening of Linux components are crucial to attain security by design.


  • BSP, Device Drivers
  • Platforms: ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86, DSP
  • Operating systems: Linux embedded, Android, VxWorks, ThreadX, eCos
  • 4/8 bit processors with no OS
  • Platform and OS migrations
  • Busses: SPI, I2C, USB, CAN

Linux / Android

  • BSP, Bootloader, Kernel, Device Drivers
  • Migrations: Linux to RTOS and vice versa
  • Android architecture: Framework, JNI, Native space, Kernel
  • Network and IP Stack
  • User space Applications
  • GUI: Android Apps, QT, Java
  • Communications: TCP/IP, GSM, WiMax, WiFi , Bluetooth


  • Low level networking, Ethernet, IP stack
  • Network drivers and applications
  • TCP/IP protocol family
  • Client/Server architecture
  • ARP, STP, DHCP, VLAN, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SNMP and other protocols

Networking management

  • SNMP agents
  • Custom SNMP agents for Linux, Windows and VxWorks
  • Net-SNMP library
  • Migrations
  • Custom EMS
  • Integrations with existing NM Systems

Use cases


  • Integration of RT application migrated from RTOS to Linux with Linux network stack.
  • Development of packet classification algorithm for deep packet inspection in a networking application.

Embedded Linux

  • Access Control system based on proprietary equipment running embedded Linux on various ARM flavours. Development of Device Drivers, Applications; BSP Maintenance.
  • Bring-up, maintenance, drivers and application development for Telecom equipment running embedded OS, both Linux and RTOSes, on PowerQUICC, MIPS and ARM platforms.
  • Bring-up of Android on an Embedded system running Linux

IoT Products:

Telecom and Smart home

  • Integrating BLE module into the customer’s proprietary HW end units
  • Integrating WiFi module into customer’s proprietary HW end units
  • Implementing data gathering and control capabilities on top of BLE
  • Implementing central DB and remote control on the main control HW unit
  • Development of mobile applications: end users (mobile phone), technicians (tablet)
  • Development of sample sensors, integration into system.
  • Development of beacons and mobile application capable of scanning and presenting different types of beacons
  • IoT gateway supporting different wireless and wired connectivity methods.
  • Mobile application that access different types of devices via the IoT gateway.
  • Support for both direct access via internal network and remote access via Cloud End units firmware, with connectivity to cloud.
  • Backend residing in cloud with messaging communication between end units, data gathering, and interface for mobile users.
  • Integration with 3rd party SMS, mail, push notifications services.
  • Back office web UI – administration and data analysis.