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Software Development in Israel

Israeli Managed Offshore Development

Israeli Managed Offshore Development

Our uniquely structured offshore operation includes experienced engineers that have been carefully recruited to our team, and are directly managed by our Israeli technology experts. By bridging the cultural gap with close acquaintance of both environments, our offshore operation ensures seamless integration of our expertise into your work processes. That way we complement development gaps and provide you with the flexibility of short term, focused assistance as well as ongoing support. Our offshore employees, who have gained diverse experience and extensive training throughout the years, bring with them the required in-depth knowledge and expertise for solving your challenges efficiently and effectively.

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iot internet of things software development

IoT Software Development

The development of non-trivial IoT solutions requires multi-disciplinary expertise in these digital technologies, as well as skills in understanding and integrating different protocols and complex middleware stacks.

Our team consists of a balanced mix of experts in leading edge digital technologies, embedded middleware and state-of-the-art software development techniques. This unique blending of expertise ensures the delivery of challenging IoT projects on time and at an optimal value for money.

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Israeli Managed Offshore Development

Co-sourced Software Development

Our vast experience in T&M and turn-key projects, especially large and complex ones, gained our software engineers a short learning-curve and an in-depth understanding of up-to-date technologies. Our dedicated, hand-picked team offers you quality professional resources that find creative solutions to your development challenges. Our experienced team leaders ensure the integration of our work into your processes and work plan, while allowing you the peace of mind with strictly kept timelines and delivery commitments.

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SW R&D Consulting

SW R&D Consulting

With more than twenty years of experience in the software development field and a proven track record in dozens of successful projects, our experts can offer you support and guidance through your most complex technology dilemmas. When it comes to solving unexpected and specific problems, our expert team provides you with creative, outside-the-box solutions. By implementing new methodologies and innovative approaches to software development they provide the optimal answer to your needs, thus supporting you in achieving your business targets and maintaining your competitive edge.

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Our Work Methodology

signing NDA


  • Signing NDA to protect the confidentiality of your business.
  • Full compliance with your confidentiality requirements.


  • On-site meeting, learning your needs and requirements.
  • Assessing the work scope and defining its targets.


  • Setting timelines and deliverables.
  • Assigning suitable team.
  • Evaluating costs and pricing.
  • Submitting a detailed work plan


  • Meeting with our technical POC – project manager
  • Setting up mode of operation, updates and meetings.

Keeping your targets and schedules

  • Agile methodology
  • Ongoing review meetings in agreed milestones
  • Full transparency to the work progress
  • Maintaining high responsiveness and flexibility as work progresses

Additional benefits

  • Assistance in Software Requirements Specifications, either in consulting capacity or by completing this process in its entirety
  • Flexible work method: Fixed pricing method or Time & Materials